World War II Soldier – Family History Restored

Photo Restoration Services

We were recently asked to restore a severely damaged photograph of a Hungarian soldier from WWII in full uniform and medals.

As you can see, apart from the extensive damage to the image as a whole, two of the three medals and the uniform epaulette button (which turned out to be decorated with the crown of St Istvan) had to be entirely reconstructed.

Hungarian Soldier WWII, Original

Hungarian Soldier WWII, Restored

With the help of some ‘sleuth work’ on behalf of the subject’s family, we were able to not only restore the overall image, but also rebuild the missing detail and enhance the texture of the uniform material.

The reproduction was intended as a gift and was very well received …

“My mother absolutely loved the picture as did the whole family – (especially when they compared it to the original).

Thank you once again for having the skills and artistic eye and obvious pride in your work to be able to deliver such an excellent reproduction photo”.

Delight as old memories are brought to life again
Delight as old memories are brought to life again

Restored photos make an excellent present especially at Christmas. We generally need 2-3 weeks to complete the work – sometimes longer at busy times – so don’t put off contacting us to discuss the possibilities on 9299 3041.