Photographing the human face of Sydney since 1920 in Sydney CBD.

Recently, we received this wonderful message from Helen in regards to her 1968 wedding pictures …

Over this weekend I have been revisiting my wedding photos of 1968 and Monte Luke was the photographer at my wedding at the Jonroe in Ashfield. It has been 52 years ago but it feels like yesterday. 
A large photograph of my bridesmaids which your studio hand-painted is as beautiful today as it was when I first ordered the photo. I do have some others but my reason for contacting you, I was pleased to see that Monte Luke is still operating, so many company changes over the years and I was happy to see that you are still in the business.
The Jonroe was attached to the Amory and was quite a famous wedding venue going back to the 20’s I believe. It is not there anymore but your studio is still going.
Thank you after half a century for my beautiful photographs.

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