I hate having my photograph taken!

Don’t worry, many of us do, but we will lead you through the process by sharing it with you.
With years of experience behind us, Monte Luke are adept at putting reluctant subjects at ease and creating great portraits with a minimum of fuss.

Should I opt for casual or formal attire for the photo shoot?

This is usually determined by where the images are to be used, for what purpose and by how you wish yourself to be perceived. The focus may be on the ever useful headshot or – if the photographs are to be distributed to the media for ongoing purposes – you may want to have a selection of poses taken, from business-like to relaxed postures and from formal clothing to casual, so that you have appropriate images for different uses.

What should I wear?

Basically, the simpler the better.
Avoid short sleeves, strong patterns and ostentatious jewellery in favour of solid colours, dark suits, V necks, long sleeves and elegant, understated jewellery.
Remember, you can always bring a couple of options along on the day if you are unsure.
If you are job seeking, dress as if you already have the role.

What is your usual turnaround?

Normally within 24 hours but we understand deadlines and can work to yours.

How can I be sure I will be happy with the final image?

You have lots of opportunity to be actively involved, apart from being the subject!
Between poses, you can monitor progress of the shoot by checking the photos already taken and discussing likes / dislikes with the photographer.

Just how much can you enhance my image?

In basic post-production we can improve on the colour, contrast and sharpness of your preferred image/s, as well as removing obvious blemishes. If you choose advanced post-production work, we can digitally reduce wrinkles, smooth skin and do face re-sculpting. Images can be converted to black and white or we can apply a selection of artistic styles.

I don’t want my image to look false?

Even with advanced post-production, the changes are made so tactfully that only you would know the work was done.

Where will you take the photographs?

The Monte Luke Studio at 2 Barrack Street in the Sydney CBD, your offices or location of choice.

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