Why would I choose Monte Luke Studio to restore my photographs?

Monte Luke is a professional, purpose built studio, with a long history of expertise in photography and restoration dating back to 1920. We use all the latest equipment and techniques and the very best papers and inks. You will be amazed at what we can achieve with faded, torn, water marked, yellowed, drawn over or otherwise damaged photographs, and you can rest assured that the restored images will not only last a lifetime, but can be securely archived for later generations.

You say that you can restore old photographs, but what sort of damage level are we really talking about? Some of my photos are in very bad condition.

Stains (e.g. rust, food), dust, marks (e.g. pen, texta), yellowing and scratches; creases, tears, damaged or missing edges, water damage, fading and photos stuck to glass; Reconstructed missing pieces, faces, hands and feet; Changed elements of pictures such as the clothing, hair colour or background; Deleted or added people, objects or text from a photograph; Created individual portraits from a group or combined images to form a group; Corrected, added, changed or removed colour; Enhanced resolution, sharpness, exposure and contrast; Enlarged or reduced image size.

I am a little nervous about how the restoration process will affect my original photograph?

Don’t be concerned – no changes at all are made to your original. Rather we create a high quality digital copy of the original. Various techniques are then applied to the digital copy only, to transform it into a superior photograph.

I have some more recent photos but they have faded. Will this happen with the prints of my restored images?

Poor printing and some of the earlier ‘quick printing’ processes of the 80s and 90s can result in photographs fading over time. Here at Monte Luke, we only use archival quality inks and museum grade paper to prevent this happening. The paper we generally use is sourced from Germany – Hahnemuhle 308gsm Photo Rag – a beautiful paper with a little bit of texture. As long as you look after your photos, they will last a lifetime.

I have some old family photographs which are in good condition, but others in the family would like copies of the same quality and tone. Can you help?

Absolutely! We will make a high quality digital image – replicating the colour, black and white or sepia toning of the original.

I want to ensure that our photographs are kept safe for later generations. How can I do this?

Once the digital images of the original have been created, apart from being printed they can also be archived digitally in different places for peace of mind.

In the 70s I used to use those sticky photo albums. Now I want to copy my photos in case they get damaged or lost and also put together an album for my son who is turning 40. I have long since lost the negatives and I cannot get the originals out of the album without damaging them. What can I do?

If you bring the whole album in, we can pull the plastic cover back and scan the individual photos you want in situ, to produce digital replicas which you can then both archive and use to have copies done for others.

Is it better to come in and see you?

Definitely. That way we can give you an honest assessment from looking at your originals, an accurate quote for their restoration and we can show you examples of other work we have done. Please call to make an appointment at a time convenient for you. We are centrally located in the Sydney CBD, close to ferry, bus and train transport as well as public parking stations.

How long will the process take?

Within reason we can work to your deadline, but our preferred turnaround is 10 – 14 days.

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