If you have chosen to purchase a print of your restored image through Monte Luke Studio (rather than just retaining a digital copy), it will be printed on archival, acid-free paper using the best quality, non-fade inks and printing techniques (giclee).

Nevertheless sunlight, heat, humidity, external pollutants, fingerprints and poor framing can all have an adverse effect on your photographic image. It is therefore important to take the precautionary measures up front to protect your newly restored photographs.


The ultra violet rays in sunlight (direct or indirect) and fluorescent tube lighting are harmful to paper and certain inks and colours. Incandescent lighting (maximum 75 watts illumination) and weak, non-direct sunlight are therefore best for the room / area where your photograph is to be displayed.


Your photographs should not be hung above or close to heating systems or central heating outlets.


Very dry conditions (below 30% relative humidity) can make paper brittle. High humidity (above 70%) can lead to mildew. If the climate in your area consistently falls into either of these two categories, your prints should be displayed in an air conditioned room and should never be hung on walls where there is a damp problem. Moist ocean air should also be avoided.

External Pollutants

If possible smog, fumes from fresh paint, cleaning solvents, motor exhausts, burning wood, kitchen vapours and steam should all be kept away from your photographic prints.


Fingerprints and poor handling can cause much damage to photographs. Soft, white cotton gloves should be worn wherever possible and bending of the image avoided. Your image should be framed as soon as possible or displayed in an acid free photo album or kept in archival, plastic portfolio sleeves specifically designed for photographic images or acid-free cardboard folders.


If you are framing your photograph, it should be done using acid-free mounting and backing. Good, properly sealed framing can remove much of the risk of external pollutants.

Monte Luke has a wide range of archival quality photo albums, folders and sleeves available.

Please call to make an appointment at a time convenient for you. We are centrally located in the Sydney CBD, close to ferry, bus and train transport as well as public parking stations. .

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