Monte Luke Photography Studio in Sydney has a long and illustrious history – now 100 years – of doing this exacting work:

repairing damaged photographs and photo restoration.

You will be amazed at how much can be done to restore your damaged photographs.

To quote a recent client who had some old family photos restored to give to her mother as a gift, “She cried and is over the moon with the quality of your workmanship … it really is fantastic.”

  • Before-Sibling Rivalry
    After-Sibling Rivalry
    Before Sibling Rivalry After

This is how we repair damaged photographs. We create a high quality digital copy of your original image and restore using the latest technology combined with our vast experience.

  • Repair cracks, creases, rips, damaged or missing edges, water damage, fading and photos stuck to glass

  • Remove stains (e.g. rust and food), dust, yellowing, marks (e.g. pen and texta), unwanted text and scratches

  • Reconstruct missing pieces, faces, hands and feet

  • Change elements of pictures such as the clothing, hair colour or background

  • Add or remove anything or anyone in an image, create individual portraits from a group or combine images to form a group

  • Correct, add, change or remove colour. enhance resolution, sharpness, exposure and contrast

Monte Luke Photography Studio is a professional, purpose built studio, with a long history of expertise in photography and photo restoration dating back to 1920.

We use all the latest equipment and techniques and the very best papers and inks. You will be amazed at what we can achieve with faded, torn, water marked, yellowed, drawn over or otherwise damaged photographs, and you can rest assured that the restored images will not only last a lifetime, but can be securely archived for later generations.

For more information on photo restoration, visit our ‘how’ to pages: Photographic Restoration – How it works and Preserving Restored Photographs.

Please call 02 9299 3041 to make an appointment at a time convenient for you. We are centrally located in the Sydney CBD, close to ferry, bus and train transport as well as public parking stations. Where to find us in Sydney CBD.

Find photo restoration services at Monte Luke Studio: Level 2, 2 Barrack Street, Sydney CBD

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