Linking In to the Social Media Network

Linking In to the Social Media Network

With the constantly evolving world of social media, we have had a recent upsurge in requests for portrait photography specifically for LinkedIn profiles.


Many of these requests have come from those who have set up their LinkedIn profile with a photo they had on hand and having published, are disappointed with the result. If you scroll through a list of LinkedIn members you will see what I mean. It is somewhat obvious those who have spent the time and energy to make the most of their profile space and those that probably need to rethink if they want to show themselves in the best light.

Apart from the more obvious areas of personal grooming and clothing, I find that the best way to achieve a winning  photograph is clever body positioning and to get the subject to relax and be themselves, something I have had years of practice at. It is also important to think about whether you want your profile to be more corporate or personality based.

Having seen the difference a professional portrait can make, I would encourage you to think about cost versus effect. Given you a have only a small but dynamic space to make a big impression, it is critical your LinkedIn profile image is right for you.

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