Enhancing Your Final Image – the Retouch


How can we make your business portrait even better?

At Monte Luke Photography we have almost 100 years of history in post-production work, from negative and print retouching to airbrushing, up to the digital photography retouching of today; this experience helps us achieve stunning yet credible images for you or your company.

We offer two levels of post-processing. Our basic work is included as standard, but more advanced work is available at additional cost – selected images are carefully and sensitively adjusted for you.

Basic – colour, contrast and sharpness improvement-images are calibrated for your purpose; obvious blemishes removed.

Advanced – Wrinkle reduction, skin smoothing, face re-sculpting. We can do this tactfully without anybody knowing that the work was done. Black and White conversion, artistic styles also available.

Or if you prefer we can leave your image totally untouched, all of which can be discussed when your photographs are taken.