Your profile picture is a key element of your LinkedIn persona.

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If you think you might need a professional LinkedIn profile picture, ask yourself these questions from LinkedIn Business best practice for headshots:
  • Is your current LinkedIn profile photo projecting a warm, professional, and trustworthy image to professional contacts and potential B2B prospects?
  • Does your current profile photo do a good job of reminding people that there is a living, breathing human being behind your online persona?
  • In your current profile picture, do you appear warm and welcoming, or stiff and impersonal?
LinkedIn Profile Picture Did you know …
  • The best profile photos show subjects who are:
    • Dressed appropriately for their role
    • Wearing attire that flatters their body style, in colours that complement their hair and skin tone; no busy textures, patterns, or logos
    • Smiling with their eyes to appear approachable and confident
    • Making eye contact with the camera
    • Wearing minimal jewellery, buttons, and headwear
    • Layering clothing and accessories (shirt and jacket; sweater and loose scarf)
  • When you dress sharply to a job interview, you’re telling the employer you mean business before even speaking a word. In the same vein, taking a few simple steps to improve the quality and polish of your profile photo on LinkedIn can go a long way toward sending the right signals to anyone who happens across you on the platform.
  • Don’t hesitate to touch up or edit the shots you like best, provided the shots still look natural and you’re recognizable to those who know you.
  • As a final task, pull up your LinkedIn profile on a tablet, computer, and mobile phone to confirm you’re happy with how your photo and background image appear on various devices.
Follow these LinkedIn profile photo tips to ensure you are projecting a warm, professional, and trustworthy image to professional contacts and potential B2B prospects. Your professional LinkedIn profile says a lot about you. Make sure it’s saying the right things!
We have options for image enhancement and additional creative services available such as customised LinkedIn Profile Background photos for a strong aesthetic presentation, just ask us.
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