10 Tips for Your Professional Portrait
  1. Choose classic styles of clothing and solid colours over stripes or strong patterns
  2. Long sleeves, v-necks and elegant, understated jewellery work best for portraits
  3. Simple, natural make-up with a neutral lip colour
  4. For long hair, a simple style, off the face is the most 
  5. Glasses can be worn if you would like – bring your best, cleanest pair!
  6. Monitor the progress of the shoot by discussing likes and dislikes with your photographer
  7. Natural smiles and laughter are the best way to show your warmth
  8. Laugh at your photographer’s jokes!
  9. Turning your body and/or head slightly to the side, creates a more interesting and flattering shot
  10. You can choose advanced post-production work to subtly reduce wrinkles, smooth skin and do face re-sculpting!
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